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Washington’s Haunted Hotspots

The following is a working list of places that are alleged to be haunted in the state of Washington.  As the paranormal is experienced differently from person to person, please let us know if you have had any experiences so we can update our page.  For pictures, click names, and for local maps, click addresses.  All authors notes will be in green.


Billy’s Bar and Grill 322 East Heron St. 

This Building has two floors, the first floor has the restaurant.  The second floor used to house a brothel; but, it is now home to a ghost named Billy Ghol.  Lights go on and off at night here, cold spots can be felt, and mirrors fog up.


Auburn High School Auditorium 800 North East 4th St.

In the early 1950’s, a little girl fell from the catwalk during a production.  Ever since, she has been seen walking around the pit area and has been heard in the rafters.

Fred Meyer (Shoe Department and Stockroom) 801 Auburn Way North

Many of the employees of this Fred Meyer Store have experienced strange activities.  People have heard boxes being thrown arround when no one else was in the stockroom.  In the adjacent shoe department, shoes have been thrown at employees and customers.  


Bayview Cemetery1420 Woburn St. 

There have been reports of a ghostly apparition floating along the stone walls of the cemetery.  Inside the walls are three hotspots and a monument called the “deathbed.”  It is said that when one lays upon this monument they expedite their death.  The other haunted monument is called “Angel Eyes.”  It is believed that the spirit seen wandering the stone enclosure is the spirit of the person buried beneath that statue.
Click here for a map of Bayview Cemetery. 

Mount Baker Theatre 104 North Commercial St.

Hauntings have been suspected in this theatre ever since ground was broken for construction in 1927.  It is said that a woman named Judy used to live at the site where the  theatre was built and was evicted right before construction started.  Employees say that after patrons leave, and the theatre is almost empty, one can feel “gusts of cold air,” see “balls of light,” and hear “the rustling of skirts.”  People have taken pictures of what they think is the ghost named Judy.

The Old Town Cafe 316 West Holly St.

This building was called “Overland Block” and was built in 1890.  Employees cleaning dishes after closing have seen dishes flying in the air for fifteen minutes only to land back in the same place they originally were.  Others claim to have heard piano music, but there is no piano in or near the restaurant.  People walking outside have also seen a woman looking down from the second floor window at times the building is empty.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Cemetery – Cemetery Rd.

There are three main manifestations of ghosts at the Cemetery.  The first occurs on foggy nights.  Swinging lights, believed to belong to  the lanterns of the coal miners that lived in that region.  The second is a white horse that can be seen near headstones.  The third is whistling of coal miners that can be heard at night.  

Des Moines

Des Moines Marina Park – 22307 Dock St. 

The ghost of a little girl named Diana is seen walking on the beach and swinging on the beach every January 8. 


Maltby Cemetery Duvall Rd. and Redmond Rd.

The cemetery has about 35 grave sites.  The strange occurrences here include women and children in old, raggedy clothes wandering around the gravesites.  Sometimes a mother can be seen looking for her child.  Witnesses have also felt like they were being hit.  It has also been observed that if one walks along the gravestone trail, and then walks back on of the headstones will look different the second time you see it.  (The first time, it is just a grave marker.  The second time, it is a more elaborate grave stone.)  Whispering can be heard in the wind and trees.  There is a place called the “den”  that is said to be guarded by a ghost.  If a person gets past the ghost and goes inside, they are said to go crazy.
The cemetery is private and trespassers will be prosecuted.  If you are going to enter, you must have proof that you know someone buried there or be accompanied by someone that does.


Edmonds Theater 415 Main St.

This building was built at the turn of the century but has been recently renovated.  Witnesses claim to have seen the glowing figure of a man floating down the aisle in the theater.  The apparition was shadowy and had a glowing aura surrounding it.  

Frances Anderson Leisure and Cultural Arts Center 700 Main St.

The original structure, Edmonds Elementary School, was built in 1929.  It is now owned and operated by the Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department.  It was named after a long time teacher and principal for the school, Frances Anderson.  Employees and visitors have reported haunting activity for years.  Many experiences involve spirits of children walking the hallways and the ghost of Frances Anderson, herself.  She died in the 1980’s.


Central Washington University 400 East 8th Ave.

Kamola Hall is haunted by the ghost of a former student that committed suicide there when she found out that her fiancée had been killed during the war.  She hung herself from the rafters of the top floor, where her room was located.  People have reported unusual noises and sightings over the years.  Even today, some of the students residing the the building have reported strange occurrences such as doors opening and closing by themselves, and doors being knocked on when nobody is there.

Olmstead Place State Park Ferguson Rd.

This old homestead was the first homestead in Kittitas Valley and was once used as an Indian fort.  It is now a state park.  People have reported feeling like they were watched or seeing Indians, especially by the creek.  During the full moon, people have heard a woman screaming, and a baby crying.


Everett High School Auditorium 2416 Colby Ave.

According to legend, when the building was being built a construction worker fell, and was killed.  People have seen his ghost in the school and around the grounds.  

The Equator (Schooner) – Marine View Dr. & 10th St.

The old ship is haunted by the sailors that worked on it when it was in use.  Floating lights have appeared on the deck.  This eighty-one-foot schooner for the 1880s has been restored and turned into a museum.  A scène was conducted on the vessel recently, and 2 ghosts were discovered.  They were those of Robert Louis Stevenson and King Kalakaua of Hawaii.  In 1888, Stevenson used the boat for 6 months when he and his family took a cruise near the Pacific islands.  One of Stevenson’s closest friends was King Kalakaua, who at one point was a guest on the schooner.  

Mariner High School – 200 120th St.

Lights at the high school are normally left on at night, but at around midnight it is said the school looks dark.  People who have gotten close enough to the school have seen eyes staring out from the windows.  Some people have said that although the eyes do not appear to belong to a body, if you stare at them long enough a figure of a winged man can be seen.  

U.S.S. Fife dd-991 Perry Ave. and Fletcher Way

The Fife has had many fatalities including a crew member, a captain, and a civilian contractor.  Many crew members have seen and heard mysterious things in the corridors as well as on the deck.  The main engine room (Number One) is haunted by the ghost of the civilian contractor that died on board.  Engineers have heard the sounds of duct tape, footsteps on the deck, and voices talking.  A young sailor committed suicide on the ships mid-quarterdeck, and many people on board have seen his ghost on dark nights.  


Puyallup Tribal Gaming Regulatory Office 5303 Pacific Highway East

The office building used to be a hospital where many people died of tuberculosis (TB).  The basement, which used to be the morgue,  houses the incinerator that was once used to cremate the dead.  In the same area, a woman complains of being cold.  The sound of people walking can be heard when all in the building is still.  Most of the paranormal activity is located on the fifth floor.  The fifth floor is home to the ghost of a woman that sometimes cries out for a child or husband.  The elevators often travel on their own when they are not called.  The voices of children can be heard throughout the building.

Fort Lewis

North Fort Lewis map of Fort Lewis

The rhythmic running of entire platoons of soldiers can be heard in the early morning, hours before units actually begin their morning runs.  When soldiers investigate, no one is there.
Near North Fort Lewis, in the woods, “mysterious cloaked spirits” of Native Americans have been seen.  

Friday Harbor

Roche Harbor Cemetery Mausoleum located at Roche Harbor Resort

The mausoleum is actually a huge monument that looks like a table with six chairs.  It is said that late on nights of a full moon, when walking up the trail that leads to the mausoleum, the people buried under each chair are sitting in their respective chairs talking and laughing.  It is also said that one can sit at the table in rainy weather and not get wet, although there in the roof of the mausoleum above the table.

University of Washington, Friday Harbor Labs University Road

This university extension used to be a Navy station.  Strange occurrences in the dining hall include windows and doors that open and close by themselves, and ghosts that can be seen only out of the corner of your eye.  There are rumors that the property contains an Indian burial ground.


Horse Thief Lake State Park across the river from The Dalles, Oregon

A rock painting here depicts the large-eyed goddess Tsagaglalal, “She Who Watches.”  The site is sacred to the Wishram Indians, who have a legend that says that Tsagaglalal was turned into stone by Trickster Coyote, who is jealous of the love her people felt for her.  

Maryhill Museum 35 Maryhill Museum Dr.

The Maryhill Museum is a one-hundred-year-old reproduction of an Italian villa.  Curators, volunteer docents, and cleaning crews have reported noises at night and chills throughout the building.  

Washington Stonehenge – Although this is not a sacred site, it is a full sized concrete copy of one of the most mysterious spots in the world.  It was built in 1920, by Samuel Hill, who turned his own home on the premises into a museum featuring Western European and Native American art.  Modern day Druids perform rituals here.
To learn more visit www.maryhillmuseum.org.


Cherry Hill (and Yakima River) map of Granger

There is an old legend of a young woman and her son traveling on the narrow road on Cherry Hill.  She lost control of the car and drove off the side of the steep cliff and into the Yakima River.  People have reported seeing her face in the bark of trees that grow around the Yakima River. 

Grape View

Benson Lake Park map of Grape View

Residents in the park have seen reflections of an old man in their mirrors.  Also, rocking chairs rock by themselves and people have had feelings of being watched


St. Edwards State Park 14445 Juanita Dr. Northeast

There are reports of ghost children playing on the playground and running around.  Inside Bastyr University chandeliers swing back and forth and objects move around in the basement and in classrooms.  Cold spots are often felt.  


East Hill Elementary School 9825 South 240th St.

A man committed suicide by hanging himself from the stairs.  Many of the school children and staff have reported seeing a man hanging from the stairs.  He has also been heard making moaning and choking noises and whispering.  People walking near the area have reported feeling as if they were being choked.  


Leavenworth Cemetery

The place was used in the 1800’s as a cemetery for workers building the nearby railroad.  The railroad workers can be seen carrying their lanterns or be heard whistling and hammering.

Long View

Monticello Middle School – 1225 28th Ave

A young girl died when the school was being built.  She fell in fresh cement when taking cookies to the workers building the school.  She has been seen wandering the halls of the school at night.  Her footsteps can be heard, and so can the sound of her humming.

McCord Air Force Base

McChord Air Force Base 100 Main St.

Housed in a hangar here is the C-141 that transported the bodies of the Americans killed in the Jonestown Massacre, headed by Jim Jones, back to the United States.  Paranormal experiences include the sound of voices and footsteps and the sudden loss of power for no apparent reason.  

Moses Lake

Columbia Basin Alternative High School – 920 West Ivy Ave.

There have been reports of mysterious noises and a pair of smoke-like legs (without a body) around 11:30 pm.  Also, alarms often go off without being triggered.  

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Parklocated near Ashford

The first official American UFO sighting happened here on June 24, 1947.  Kenneth Arnold first saw 9 “disk-shaped, metallic objects” that the press later called “Flying Saucers.”  When Arnold used two mountain peaks as reference points to determine the speed of the objects he discovered their speed to be over 1600 mph.  The entire region of the northern Cascade Mountains, one of the most likely places in North America to see a UFO, is called the Northwest Frontier by UFO enthusiasts.  In 1970, a probably cause for UFO activity in this area was determined when a naturally heated underground chamber in Mount Rainier was discovered.  It is said to be proof that there is an underground alien base inside the mountain.  

Mount St. Helens

Spirit Lake located in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

After cleansing itself of human habitation in the volcanic eruption of 1980, this lake is once again home to spirits, including the souls of those who died in the blast.  The lake has always been avoided by Indians, who believe they have heard voices coming from its depths.  A monster named Seatco was said to live in the lake, and a ghost elk was believed to lure men close enough to the lake so Seatco could capture them.


Harbor Point Middle School 5000 Harbor Point Blvd.

It is known that a boy can be seen standing a window facing Harbor Point Blvd. late at night.  The boys name is Pete Anderson and he was reportedly pushed out the window by a science teacher who didn’t like the boy.  There are also two girls that are visible, but disappear if you look at ther too long.  There are said to be waiting for their brother to get out of school.  The two girls were shot while walking to pick up their brother at the school.

Ocean Shores

Shiloh Restaurant and Lounge 707 Ocean Shores Blvd.

A female spirit has been seen walking through the halls by numerous people.  At one time, all of the lights in the parking lot went off at the same time and all the registers in the restaurant were down for days.  When repair men came to fix them they could find no mechanical reason for their failure.  

Olalla/Port Orchard

Starvation Heights (a.k.a. Wilderness Heights Sanitarium) map of Olalla

A doctor named Linda Burfield Hazzard wrote a book about a new treatment for all kinds of diseases.  Her and her husband, Sam, ran a sanitarium in the early 1900s.  She had a theory that she could cure any disease by fasting.  Patients, or victims, were starved for weeks or sometimes months and many of them died.  It is said that she began by planting a tree over each body, but then ran out of room, and began throwing them over the cliff behind the building.  Before her patients died, she wrote up wills (only some of which were real) that left all of her patients money to her.  All that is left today is the foundation of the building and the incineration in which her patients were burned.  Also, around the house stand the hastily planted forest of victims that fell victim to the woman’s cruel scheme.  The entire area is said to be haunted be her unhappy customers.


Oysterville Schoolhousemap of Oysterville

The Oysterville Schoolhouse is said to be haunted by a child who died there of an epileptic seizure.  The schoolhouse was built at the turn of the century and stands in Oysterville, Washington, on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Port Townsend

Holly Hill House 611 Polk St.

Port Townsend is one of Washington’s oldest cities and is well known for its ghosts.  This house is haunted by one or two of its former residents.  It is now a popular bed and breakfast and its owners have reported seeing a strange looking man dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing.  There is a painted at the top of the stairs, and the woman in the painting is said to leave the painting and walk the halls.  There are also reports of the sounds of a piano playing, but there is no piano in the house.  Cigar smoke is often smelled in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  

Manresa Castle 7th St. at Sheridan St.

In the early 1900s, a young girl named Kate Eisenbeis lived at the castle after it was turned into a bed and breakfast.  When she heard that her fiancée, Charles had been lost at sea, she committed suicide when she jumped from her third floor room, number 306.  It is said that singing can be heard from the bathroom at night.  Also, the temperatures often change throughout the castle.  A clock that is broken and does not run can still be heard chiming.  A book was once left in room 306 so guests could record their supernatural experiences, but was removed because the experiences that guests read frightened them.  However, Kate is a friendly ghost, and there is a portrait of her hanging in the lounge.  She has also been seen in other parts of the castle.  A guest took a picture in a room they were staying in and when it was developed a woman could be seen staring out the window toward the ocean, she was wearing late 1800s clothing and a bonnet.  It is also said that a monk hung himself in the attic of the building.  Other supernatural happenings include lights going on and off by themselves, and doors opening and closing.  This hotel has been featured on the television show Sightings.


Purdy Bridge map to Purdy Bridge

In the late 1970’s, a child was hit by a car on the bridge.  Since his death, you can sometimes see him dart accross the bridge; there is no prediction when he will appear.  Since his death, a guardrail has been put in place.


Maple Valley Highway – map of Maple Valley Highway

Maple Valley Highway is a very dangerous and dark road, and there have been many accidents there.  When you drive down the road late at night, you experience strange unexplained fog, and right after, you pass through the fog, you can see a teenage girl standing alongside the road crying.  She appears to be looking for something.  Different people have tried communicating with her to find out what she is looking for.  It appears to be a locket that she lost when she was in the car accident that took her life.  Also, on Maple Valley Highway, there is an old haunted house that has lights go off and on by themselves, even though there has not been electricity in the house for years.


Brick Tavern1 Pennsylvania Ave.

Once a jailhouse for criminal miners, people claim to have felt a presence in the basement where the cells used to be.  Noises can often be heard before closing time and a few have seen an apparition of a lost miner.  


Orcas Island 1400 Rosario Rd.

Creaking beds and low moaning sounds suggest the presence of a very passionate ghost being “intimate” on a resort on this island.  The spirit of Alice Rheem, who lived in a mansion that is now part of the resort, returns to re-inact “good times” in her room.  She lived there in the late 1930’s and died from alcoholism.  Her husband built a mansion on the isolated island to try to control his libidinous wife, but his efforts only made her more wild.  Her ghost, dressed in a skimpy red nightgown, re-appears in her old room.  In 1987, three traveling entertainers were kept awake all night from the sounds of lovemaking from the room, which was empty at the time.  They said that the activity started just before midnight, after the light and room went on and off three times.  It is also said that she drives through the second floor on her favorite motorcycle.


Point Defiance Park 5400 North Pearl St.

Five Mile Drive – In the late 1980’s, a fourteen year old girl named Jennifer disappeared while riding her bike in the park.  Her body was later discovered, but her killer was never caught.  Late at night, the sound of a bicycle can be heard around the Five Mile Drive.  Several Years later, a couple flagged down a Park Police officer and admitted that she had been driving on the drive after the park was closed.  She said that as she was rounding the turn by the Narrows Viewpoint, she observed a young girl standing at the side of the road with a light colored bicycle.  The woman pulled over and her boyfriend got out to ask the girl if she was ok, since it was late and the park was closed.  The boyfriend screamed and jumped back in the car and kept screaming at her to go, as she was leaving, in the red-taillight glow, she saw the girl disappears.  The boyfriend was shaking, and later told her that the girl had no eyes, but was smiling at him.  Several other people have said that they have seen a girl riding alone near dusk.  Whenever they stop or look back at her she vanishes.

The Pagoda – The Pagoda used to be the trolley terminus at Point Defiance at the early part of the 20th century.  The building was remodeled and is now rented out for weddings and parties.  Visitors, workers, and the police have reported hearing footsteps, made with hard soled shoes, walking around the building after dark.  The footsteps seem to be walking down the stairs on the east side of the building, and then abruptly stop.  Sighing can be heard at other times and there are cold spots in the storage area below the building.  A tale has been told about a young newlywed couple during the late 1920’s.  The husband and wife would catch the trolley to Point Defiance, and the husband would see his wife off for the day to visit her parents on Vashon Island.  Small groups of boats would shuttle people to the island for a fee.  The husband would return in the evening to meet his wife in the evening.  One day as he returned,  the small launch she was ridding approached the boathouse area and it took on water.  Many people were thrown overboard in the confusion, and the husband observed, with his pocket spyglass, his wife flailing in the water, in her heavy clothing, as she went under.  Overcome with grief, he walked down the stairs to the marbled restroom, pulled out a small pocket pistol, and shot himself in the head.  It is said that his ghost haunts the pagoda.


Capitol Hill – The South Annex of Seattle Community College 905 East Pine St.

In 1986, the building became the South Annex of Seattle Community College.  The South Annex now houses a dental office and the English Institute of Seattle Community College.  In the past, it was the Burnley School of Art.  There is a story  that a young male student at Burnley committed suicide, and since then his spirit has haunted the building.  He mostly moves objects and pushes them off shelves.  Some people have claimed to see his ghost.  Another story speak of a different ghost in the building.  That particular ghost, nicknamed the “Burnley Presence” is the ghost of a young man who died in a fight in the third-floor gymnasium in 1913 when the building housed Broadway High School.  One of the employees of the community college is convinced she encountered the ghost in 1987 while taking inventory in a store room. 

Claremont Hotel 2000 4th Ave.

Employees of this hotel have reported sounds that seem to resemble those of the violent, boisterous parties of the 1920’s or Prohibition era complete with Jazz era music and the sounds of broken glass.  Also, a worker fell to her death from the hotel’s upper floors in the 1960’s, possibly adding to the ghostly air of the place.  Visitors have experienced a levitating paperweight, which crashed back to the glass covered desk top.  The staff has become aware of the manifestations.  Complaints about the noise are common amongst the hotel guests, but as on former employee pu it, “How do you turn off a ghost?”  When staff members investigate the disturbances, which mostly come from the 9th floor, the noise abruptly stops, only to stary up again later.

Greenacres Golf Course 1000 South 112th St. 

The ghost of a naked man performed Indian dances here.  He was also seen on the trail leading onto the golf course grounds.  The phantom was witnessed by hundreds of people, including police and newsmen.  When authorities tried to catch him, he disappeared as they approached.  The apparition appeared regularly between 1940 and 1960.  Although some have suggested that the golf course lies atop an Indian burial ground, no evidence to support the claim has ever been found. 

The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery 1200 West Howe St.

There is a small Civil War cemetery, next to the Lakeview Cemetery, where ghosts have been seen walking around in Civil War Uniforms.

Hamilton Middle School 1610 North 41st St.

Hamilton Middle School has many different hauntings, but the most common occurrences happen to people alone in the bathroom on the second floor.  People alone in the bathroom have heard mysterious footsteps and have experienced the door opening and closing on its own.  There is a rumor that a pregnant student died at this school.  

The Harvard Exit 807 East Roy St.

This cinema, that opened in 1968, is haunted.  The movie theater is in a three-story brick building constructed in the 1900’s.  When a second auditorium and screen were constructed on the third floor in the early 1970’s, the ghosts of several women dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing began to appear.  Most of the sightings are on the third floor and near a fireplace on the first floor.  The encounters were accompanied by a strange assortments of paranormal phenomena, which continued until 1987.  One possible historical explanation for the haunting is that the former tenancy of Bertha Landes, founder of the Women’s Century Club.  The club occupied the building for many years.  From 1926 to 1928, Landes served as Seattle’s first woman mayor.  In 1998, relics of her administration and her personal belongings were displayed at a downtown museum, which reported a number of inexplicable incidents that some believe to be manifestations of Landes’ spirit.

Nathan Hale High School 10750 30th Ave. Northeast

Apparently, a long time ago, someone was rapped in one of the halls of this school.  Some people have heard odd noises and have felt a sudden rush of fear when walking through a particular spot in a hallway.

Pike Place Public Market 85 Pike St.

The ghost of an American Indian woman, loaded down with baskets, is seen trekking up and down the underground ramps of this shopping plaza.  Since 1982, she has been spotted at three-month intervals in the Craft Emporium, only to disappear before astonished clerks.  Her ghost has also been seen in the old Goodwill Store, as well as in the present Sound View Café and the former Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.  History suggests that she is a spirit of Kickisomlo, Daughter of Chief Seattle.  Her white friends called the woman Angeline, a name that stuck with her until her death in 1896, at the age of 69.  In 1854, Chief Seattle prophesized: “When the memory of my tribe shall become a myth among white men, when your children think themselves alone in the field, the store, the shop – they will not be alone.  When you think your streets are deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled, and still loved this land, for the dead are not powerless.”  Other ghosts have been reported here too.  The phantom of a tall black youth has been observed looking out the window of the Vitium Capitale Restaurant, and strange footsteps have been heard by clerks at Left Bank Books.  Also, the ghost of a three-hundred-pound woman, who fell through the floor of a wooden balcony, haunts the spot where she died. 

University of Washington 1400 Northeast Campus Parkway

A whole floor of the men’s dormitory at the metropolitan university is haunted by the ghost of a student who committed suicide in the building in 1958. 

Sedro Wooley

Cascade Job Corp810 3rd Ave.

The Cascade Job Corp used to be Northern State Hospital.  In the early 1900’s it was the mental institution that first performed a frontal lobotomy.  Allegedly, there are over 1000 people buried in unmarked graves behind the gymnasium.  The entire area is surrounded with bad energy.  One ghost, known as Fred, is a prankster.  He will cause sheet pans to fly off of the racks.  Also, in the old superintendents mansion, a frightening bright light can be seen on the second floor.  In the dorm area extreme cold can be felt even during the hottest summer months.  A little girl with a red ball has also been seen in the dorm area.  Another ghost, is that of a man trying to find the little girl.  Voices can be heard in the old nurses dorms.  In the nurses station of the hospital a body can be seen hanging in the window.  The entire area is connected by underground tunnels that are haunted.


Skykomish Hotel Bed and BreakfastS Railroad Ave. at 5th St. N

This hotel is home to a ghost known as “The Blue Lady.”  The top floor of this hotel used to be a speakeasy that housed gambling and prostitution.  The Blue Lady is thought to be a prostitute that was killed by an angry boyfriend when he caught her “working.”


Cabbage Patch Restaurant111 Avenue A

The stairs in this restaurant are haunted by a nine-year-old girl who fell down them and died. 

Oxford Saloon913 1st St.

This saloon used to have a brothel upstairs.  It is haunted by the spirits of the old saloon girls who worked there.  Also, a police officer who was stabbed to death there still remains.  There are about 20 ghosts total in this saloon.
A list of the hauntings, compiled by psychics, can be obtained from anybody working in the bar.


Cameo Catering Event Facility – 1017 W 1st Ave.

This building was a Masonic hall for IOOF for many years.  Members of this order who have died are rumored to dislike “outsiders” in the building they believe to be theirs, primarily because the rights that took place there were secret.  Among manifestations are mysterious noises and objects levitating, mainly in the basement. 

Centennial Middle School –  915 North Ella Rd.

This school was once called Park Junior High.  In the library, students have witnessed an old lady, with no legs, floating around.  At the side entrance, a man and a woman have been seen hanging from the ceiling.

Fairchild Air Force Base 6 West Castle St.

KC135 (Plane) – The plane is haunted by two people that have died on it at different times.  Supernatural happenings include strange groaning and power loss for short periods of time.  Also, secured objects move around and fall from their places.  However, most outstanding are fuel leaks that come and go.

Weapons Storage Area – The storage area is believed to be haunted by a ghost called the “Goat Man.”  Many security officers have sighted this ghost. 

Gonzaga University502 East Boone Ave.

Monaghan Hall is the music building for Gonzaga University.  This building used to be the home of James Monaghan, who was brutally murdered there.  Supernatural occurrences include a ghost organ that plays itself as well as various other instruments that play themselves.  The haunted music is heard often throughout the building is said to be played by Mr. Monaghan.  The strange music that is often heard is the same song played at Monaghan’s funeral.  The sounds of growling can also be heard.  In the 1970’s, Father Leedale performed an exorcism, but the hauntings continued.

Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Prairie

There are a number of steps that lead from the side of the road up to the cemetery.  They are called the 1,000 steps.  These steps lead to a place where Satanic rituals are supposedly held.  It is said that no one makes it to the top step, due to overwhelming fear.

Mead High School302 West Hastings Rd.

In the 1930’s, when the high school was first being built, a drunk Scottish man fell off of his ladder and was killed.  On the school grounds, the strong scent of whisky can be smelled and mindless muttering can be heard.  On days when the wind is still, doors to the outside open and close on their own.

Patsy Clark’s Restaurant2208 West 2nd Ave.

Patsy Clark’s is an old mansion that was converted into a fancy restaurant.  The old wine cellar is haunted buy three ghosts.  At various times and for no reason the ghosts will pick up objects, usually wine bottles, and throw them across the room.  

St. Francis Xavier Church545 East Providence Ave.

On several occasions, the face of a dead nun has been seen in one of the east windows.  She looks like she is standing with her face over a candle and screaming.  There have also been mysterious shadows, some of them look like a nun.


Pioneer Cemetery23800 104th Ave.

A ghostly black figure has been seen in the back of the cemetery near a tree over a large memorial headstone.  A six-inch-thick branch on the tree was once broken by this ghost and visitors have also been chased by the ghost.  Also, people have seen lanterns in the cemetery and in the yards of homes around the cemetery.  They have been described as looking like a “light show.”  When approached the ghosts and lanterns will come closer and then suddenly disappear.

Stanwood Museumat Camano St. and Old Pacific Highway

People that live around this house, have seen candle light in the windows and have seen the curtains open and close when the museum is closed for the night.  Even people driving by have seen curtains pulled back like someone is looking out, but when they stop no one it there.


ER Roger’s Mansion1702 Commercial St.

Many employees have reported many supernatural happenings within the mansion.  The wife of a former owner killed herself in the house, but she is not the only ghost.  Many ghosts have been reported.  


Former Site of Children’s Industrial Home2911 South Adams St.

When the original orphanage building burned down, the newspapers reported no fatalities.  The current youth group residents complain of hearing children crying in one end of the building.  Adult staff members have seen ghosts of children playing in the yard and around building.

Old City Hall625 Commerce St.

Security guards have reported elevators moving on their own accord, lights being turned off and on, and doors that were locked being checked and found unlocked.  There is a spooky vibe there, and several guards have quit rather than work at that location.

Lake Steilacoom map of Lake Steilacoom

This placid lake is possessed by an evil female monster known as Whe-atchee.  Legends of the creature attacking people go back over 100 years.  To this day, Nisqually Indians will not fish or swim here.

University of Puget Sound1500 North Warner St.

Allegedly, Ted Bundy killed his first victim here, and dumped her in the foundation of a building being built at the time.  People have reported seeing the girl walking the halls of the building, and they have heard odd noises.  

Norton Clapp Theatre – This theatre was called the Inside Theatre until 1998, and is located inside Jones Hall.  The theatre is thought to be haunted by a benign presence that has never been seen.  Although the ghost has never been seen physically, it shows itself by moving scenery, turning lights off and on, slamming doors, and making noises.  In one case, a student was leaning over on the catwalk and lost her balance.  As she was falling, she felt a force pull her back on to the catwalk, to safety. 


Thorp Cemetery Thorp Cemetery Rd.

This cemetery, also called Bolster Cemetery, is said to be haunted by the ghost of an Indian woman who was lynched, near Thorp, around 1890.  She has been seen riding a white horse and crying near tombstones at night.
This cemetery is located on private property.  We are not responsible for people trespassing.  If you decide to enter, please seek permission from the property owner.


Tokeland Hotel and Restaurant2964 Kindred Ave.

A Chinese man, a dog and a cat have been seen and heard here.  


Fort Vancouver Fort Vancouver Way at East Evergreen Blvd.

The ghost of Dr. John McLaughlin still haunts the house where he used to live  His heavy footsteps can be heard walking up and down the halls there.   Also, glowing mists have been seen near the parade grounds for several years.  In 1993, a Native American exorcism ritual was performed to calm the restless spirits.  

Barracks (Grant House) – The Grant House is part of Officer’s Row, a strip of colonial style houses that housed the Officers of Fort Vancouver.  The house was built and belonged to President Ulysses S. Grant during his tenure here and  is haunted by a former officer named Sully.  It is now a folk-art museum and restaurant.  The ghost has been heard and felt by many people working here now.  It is believed that several of the barracks buildings and an auditorium were built on colonial gravesites.  Many say that it is the spirits of these ghosts that haunt the barracks.  

Officer’s Row – Several Victorian houses here have been remodeled into offices.  Tenants of buildings along Officer’s Row have felt numerous cold spots and invisible hands touching them.  They have also heard footsteps where no one was walking.  Telephones ring when they are not plugged in, coffee disappears as soon as it is brewed, and a fax machine broadcasts a religious station on its speaker.  In the Old Veterans Hospital on this street, hysterical screams can be heard.  Supernatural happenings occur all over the hospital, but especially on the third floor where the mental patients were kept.  Papers that enter one particular room, float to the ceiling and stick there; if they are pulled back down, they float back up.  

Hazel Dell Park2300 Northeast 68th St.

It is said that two little boys haunt the wooded area of the park, late at night.  No one will go down there alone during the night or day.  During the day, there is the feeling of not being alone and wanting to leave.

West Seattle

Kubota Garden 55th Ave South and Renton Ave. South

This is is a big Japanese Garden and at night you can supposedly hear ghosts whispering.  Strange howls of winds can also be heard as you go down the path nearing the house.


Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery – 14111 Northeast 145th St.

This beautiful winery is set up on 150 acres was previously owned by Seattle lumber and dairy baron Fredrick Stimson.  Although the winery itself was constructed in the mid-1970s, Mr. Stimson’s old turn-of-the-century mansion (now Manor House) still occupies the land.  There is a legend that Mr. Stimson had a love affair with one of his servants and got her pregnant.  When he found out about this, the servant had an “accident” and fell down a back stairwell leading to the kitchen.  The staff at the winery have reported supernatural experiences here for many years.  There have been reports of cold spots that “follow you,” strange shadows and noises.  The dead mistress haunts one of the upstairs rooms.  She opens and closes windows and doors and turns the lights on and off.  Late night cleaning staff have reported hearing footsteps and toilets flushing when no one else is there.  People in the mansion feel that there is always something behind there and get the chills when walking through the house alone at night.  There have been reports of cleaning crews leaving, after being scared by something, and refusing to return. 

White Swan

Fort Simcoe State Parkmap of Fort Simcoe

Witnesses have reported a woman looking out of one of the back windows of the Commanders House.  She is thought to be the wife of a Commander.  It is said she died of fever in the 1800’s.  The fort maybe the source of the Toppenish Ghost Lights seen in the area in 1973.


Yakima Indian Reservation

Orange or yellow UFOs, which sometimes split apart while bouncing along the ground have been seen here for many years.  Activity was especially intense from 1972 to 1974, when many objects were reported by campers and fire wardens in observation towers.  The UFOs are said to cause electrical failure in vehicles that come too close. 

Yakima Canyon map of Yakima River

The canyon area is reported to be haunted by a young Hispanic male, who was murdered there, and an elderly man with gray hair and a beard, that committed suicide there.