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Utah’s Haunted Hotspots

The following is a working list of places that are alleged to be haunted in the state of Utah.  As the paranormal is experienced differently from person to person, please let us know if you have had any experiences so we can update our page.  For pictures, click names, and for local maps, click addresses.  All authors notes will be in green.

Brigham City

Golden Spike National Historic Site32 miles West of Brigham City on Hwy. 83

The abandoned Dove Creek Camp was once used for Chinese immigrants that worked laying the First Transcontinental Railroad tracks.  It is haunted by the sounds and voices of the Chinese workers who lived and died there.  The sink holes that were left by the workers huts can still be found throughout this area.  There have also been reports of strange lights there.  They are believed to be phantom headlights from old steam engines that traveled these tracks a long time ago. 

Cedar City

Betty’s Cafe – 227 South Main St.

This cafe, formally known as The Brickhouse, used to be a home.  A ghost wearing a plaid shirt is seen frequently here. 

Southern Utah University351 West Center St.

The building known as “Old Main” has had several incidences involving the supernatural.  Most of the occurrences have to do with electrical equipment.  The lights in the building turn themselves on and off, students have been trapped in the elevators, and the elevators move on their own.  The figure of a woman is seen wandering the third floor often.  Most students and staff refuse to spend time in the building after dark.


Clearfield Job Corps Center20 West 1700 South

The entire Job Corps Center is filled with supernatural activity.  This Center is the site of an old Navy base.  Here is a list of the prominent hauntings:

Dorm E – This building is haunted by three spirits.  The most active is a little girl, of about 5 or 6, who stands by the doorway at the entrance to the dorm.  Also, the girl walks up and down the halls bouncing a ball.  Another ghost, possibly that of a resident adviser, can be seen walking down the hall checking on the students in their rooms.  The third ghost is unidentified.  It is believed to be a student who has died recently.

Dorm L – This area is haunted by an old military nurse.  She could be the same one that haunts the TB Dorm.  She walks up and down the halls.

Movie Theater – This area used to be the military morgue.  Like all morgues, it is said to be haunted. 

TB Dorm – These dorms are haunted by an old military nurse.


Kozy Cafe – map of Echo

Since Fat, the owner of the cafe, passed away, a phantom voice orders refills on their coffee while employees are closing.  When the cafe is pretty much empty, right before it closes, the sounds of barstools squeaking and boots moving to jukebox music have been heard.  The occurrences are most common after Fat’s favorite Johnny Cash song plays.  When this song plays the volume tends to go up by itself.


Hovenweep National Monumentnear Blanding

This sacred site is a group of six Anasazi dwellings shaped like castle towers.  The Square Tower Group, Hovenweep Castle, and Unit Type House were used as astronomical observatories to determine when certain religious ceremonies should take place.  At Holly Group, on the morning of the summer solstice, rays of light illuminate drawings of the sun, a snake, and a human twin figure.  Different patters of light illuminate the symbols at the spring and fall equinoxes.  The Ancien Ones’ deep reverence for nature and the mystical heavens is easily felt in this serene National Park.


Lehi Historical Hospital –  206 East State St.

This hospital is over 100 years old, the windows are broken, and the back stairs have collapsed.  At night there have been reported sightings of a nurse that is hanging from a steel flagpole.  The story is that she was working late during the war, and a doctor went crazy and hung her out there.


Grapevine Restaurant – 129 North 100 E

Former employees talk about strange goings on while working.  These include: dishes flying against the walls and breaking and brooms being moved from one room to another as if being carried by an invisible entity.  To put a stop to these things, they had to speak sternly to the entity saying “‘stop it” or “knock it off.”

Green Canyonmap of Logan

There is a certain area where horses refuse to go and there is no sound of birds chirping.  No animals can be seen here.  Many strange things have been reported.  When you enter this location, you get a feeling of despair, depression and hopelessness.  Many people get the feeling that something evil has been done there.


Big Cottonwood Canyonmap of Midvale

Many people have died in the river here after the rainy period causes runoff.  If you go up there in early May, and go close to the river, screaming can be heard.  Count to three and look in all directions and you will see figures watching you through the trees.


Canyonlands National Parkmap of Moab

This region in southeastern Utah is filled with sacred sites.  This is the area of the Valley of the Gods and the Valley of the Goblins.  From the surreal landscape of Bryce Canyon to the crimson Cliffs of Kolob Canyon, this thirty-thousand-square-mile beckons to all seeking natural spirituality.  Many new-age enthusiasts travel to Chesler Park to meditate among the bizarre columns of sandstone.  The thirty-square-mile maze is a twisting series of rock canyons that are said to change ones state of consciousness – if you can survive the treacherous trip.  The phantoms of wild mustangs haunt Dead Horse Point, where cowboys fenced off hundreds of the animals and left them to die of thirst.  

Mountain Meadows

Mountain Meadows Massacre” – map to Massacre Site

This is the site of the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre that occurred in April 1857.  120 men, women and children on their way from Arkansas to California were murdered at this spot by a band of Mormon Militia.  To this day, the reasons behind the slaughter are unknown.  Many have reported that when they approach the creek below the monument, they can hear the voices of the dead calling out to them.


Newspaper Rock State Park24 Miles North of Monticello on Rt. 211

White settlers named this enormous boulder Newspaper Rock because it contained hundreds of ancient symbols and writings.  Some of the pictographs show animals, while others portray six-toed feet.  Most are mystical symbols.  Unfortunately, no one has ever been able to translate the glyphs, although they appear to have some spiritual significance. 


Radisson Suite Hotel – 2510 Washington Blvd.

There is a ghost named Mrs. Eccles.  She stops the elevator on the fifth floor.  While most people don’t see her, they feel her as she walks past, and smell her perfume. 

Ogden City Cemeterymap of Ogden

There is a girl named Florence “Flo,” in the Ogden City Cemetery, who was sitting on the curb for her ride when she was suddenly hit by a car and killed.  If you go by her grave, and blink your lights 3 or more times, she will appear as a green light and then change into the form of a young girl as she floats toward your car for a ride.

Ogden Union Station2501 Wall Ave.

One of Utah’s oldest railroad stations, it is the site of continuing unexplained activity and apparitions.  This site has been investigated and was featured on national television.  The site is now a local museum and workers will share their ghost stories with you.

Park City

The Snowed Inn – on Highway 224 in Park City

The Inn was built as an upscale replica to the owners’ grandmothers Victorian mansion.  Grandma’s spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying here.  The rooms are themed around the original home, and grandma likes to occupy the bedroom themed after her own.  Her mist has been seen ascending and descending right through the floors.  She has shown up in pictures taken by staff and visitors.

Old Utah State Prisonmap of Park City

People who have tried on the old ball and chain as a joke have described having a hard time removing it due to a force in the atmosphere.

Park City Silver Minesmap of Park City

These mines were created over 100 years ago.  They operated for several decades, but are now closed.  There is a long history of murder and accidents over the course of the mines operation.  Apparitions have been seen and heard in several of the interlinking mines by miners and other workers.

Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove High School – 700 East 200 S

In the theater/auditorium under the stage is a door that is kept locked with six heavy duty padlocks.  Every morning the padlocks would be blown off the door and the door would be wide open.  Everyone was given strict instructions to let the janitor know if the locks were removed.  Every morning, the janitor was told the locks were gone and he would replace them.


Rock Canyonmap of Provo

The history on this place is that dozens of rock climbers have died right at the mouth of the canyon, where the huge rocks start.  There has also been killings up there and some satanic rituals have been performed there.  People have heard noises, and have actually seen a man in his 80’s standing on a rock peek, then proceeding to run/glide down the rock mountain at a faster than normal pace.  When leaving you can feel a presence trying to follow you.


Riverton Elementary Schoolmap of Riverton

Late at night there have been reports of children’s voices, and of their footsteps following people.  In the boiler room you can hear a little girl crying, because she fell down a shoot.


Roy High School – 2150 West 4800 S

The first ghost is of a girl by the name of Mable.  No one knows how she died but she stays in the large auditorium around back stage, and the winding stars.  Most of the time, she plays tricks by turning lights off or on, moving props, making props disappear, scaring people, and making her presence known.  The second ghost is a lady in a purple hat.  She’s also on the large auditorium stage a ways away from the wood pile.  She tries to get people to follow her but no one will since she gives off an eerie and evil aura.  The third ghost is a floating head on the left upper balcony.  Sometimes it sees more than a head up there, it sounds as if someone is moving the lights along with cords.  The fourth and last ghost roams the entire school but mostly the halls.  When the school has hardly anyone in there or someone is walking alone, people have reported  that they feel as if someone is glaring at them.  He walks right next to you but if he were alive, you would feel his breath on your skin or smell his shampoo.  It has been said that he was hit by a train walking to school.

Sand Ridge Junior High – 2075 West 4600 S

There are nine ghosts that haunt this school.  One is that of a little girl who can be heard talking to people on tape recorders.  Then there is a boy from Roy High, which is right next door, that walks back and forth from each school to the other.  One of the boys got sucked into a moving train with his bike.  A couple of them were in car accidents.  Teachers after school can hear children playing in the gym and feel breathing on their necks.  Orbs and floating wisps are seen in the auditorium, and cold spots and strange activities also happen here.


Scenic Quick Stop – Exit 54 off of I-70

When you first walk into the back room, where you go into the cooler, you feel like something is watching you right away.  This ghost will throw things, move things, sometimes you catch it at the corner of your eye, and turn and no one will be there.  Also there have been reports of hearing voices, and things falling off walls.

Salt Lake City

Alta Club100 East South Temple

The Alta Club, a private club, once held hotel style rooms on the top floor in which member’s could live in.  In the early 50’s one member, who had been living there for years, fell asleep on his couch with a burning cigar in his hand.  It proceeded to start a fire; evidence of the soot can still be seen today above the outside windows on the top floor, which consumed most of the top floor as well as taking the man’s life.  Several people have seen a man matching his description, per a previous photo, walking on the top floor.  He usually is seen walking down the hall to where his room had been or disappears upon a second look.  Also, in the basement, several workers have reported smelling a lilac perfume and some even feel a gentle touch on the shoulder.

City and County Buildinglocated in Downtown Salt Lake City

There have been reports of 5 ghosts in this building.  Two children, a brother and sister, who were killed during the building of the structure; a woman who is believe to be the mother of the children; a pioneer Judge and an old Mayor of Salt Lake City.  The building has 5 floors, and the ghosts haunt all of the floors.

Deveraux Mansioncorner of East Capitol St. and North State St.

There has been sightings of an eight year old little girl who you can see in the upstairs window.  People say you can hear her humming, singing, or even talking to herself sometimes.  Others say that she can be seen in pictures taken by visitors and they say she looks like pictures on the walls that were taken in the 1850’s.  They say that when she gets mad she throws things on the ground and she even shuts doors when they are left open.  Workers say they feel cold spots sometimes when they walk in certain places.

McCune Mansion200 North Main St.

There have been reports of doors locking that do not have locks on them, cold spots, and lights turning on and off in the unoccupied house.  The mansion is haunted by a little blonde girl, about 11 or 12 years old.  She has been seen walking in and out of the big mirror on the west wall.  She has been seen walking the rooms and been known to rearrange items and indeed lock doors.  People that have seen her say that she looks like a young girl depicted in a painting hanging in the house.  Lights come on at all hours of the night and witnesses have seen footprints that begin and end in the middle of the room.

Old Deseret2601 Sunnyside Ave (located in This Is The Place State Park)

Visitors and guides at this former settlement have reported dozens of ghostly encounters in recent years.  The buildings were part of the original colony established by Brigham Young, who led Mormons west after their leader, Joseph Smith, was murdered by an Illinois mob in 1844.  Before Brigham Young’s forest farmhouse was moved to the historical park, his ghost haunted his residence for fifteen years.  After it was moved, the house was taken over by his nineteenth wife, Ann Eliza Webb.  Her petite apparition, dressed in black, is seen peering out of the dining-room window of the house.  After Ann Eliza divorced Young, she toured the country denouncing him and the Mormon Church.  At nearby Jewkes-Draper Home the ghostly sounds of children at a party are heard, and the apparition of Mary Fielding Smith has been observed many times standing in the doorway of Smith House.  Sometimes Mrs. Smith is seen wagging her finger angrily, perhaps because her house was set facing the wrong way when it was moved to the park.

Shilo Inn206 West Temple

There is a strange echoing laughter in the indoor pool next to the lobby.  The Pinball machine by the exit to the upper level park has playing by itself on several occasion.  A man pushed his wife and children out of one of the upper level windows and then leaped out to meet his own demise here.  It is rumored that this family is responsible for the disturbances.

Utah State Historical Society – 300 South Rio Grande St.

The state’s historical society is housed in a former railroad station full of ghosts.  The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot, built in 1910, was considered to be haunted by the 1940s.  The ghost of a black haired lady wearing an old-fashioned purple dress haunts the ladies room and the Rio Grande Care inside the depot.  She was struck by a train in the station when she tried to retrieve an engagement ring her boyfriend had thrown on the tracks.  In 1980, two people heard footsteps and saw the ghost of a man on the ground floor.  An invisible presence who walks the balcony and lobby in the late evening hours has been detected by security officers.  Once, a whole group of ghosts having a party in the basement of the building was interrupted by a security guard getting off the elevator.

Zion National Parknear Cedar City

Native Americans consider this 229-square-mile sacred site a colossal temple in which to worship, meditate, and talk to the gods.  Modern psychics believe the park is a door to the ethericrealm through which are channeled the energies of the earth’s Light Towers, such as the Pyramid of Giza, Mount Sinai, Ayers Rock, and Mount Shasta.  They believe the crystalline peaks in Zion contain the coded matrix for the future evolution of the human spirit.  The Smithsonian Butte Back Country Byway passes through some of the most sacred sites, including the peaks of the East and West Temple, and the rock formations North Guardian Angel and The Watchman.

Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork High School – 900 North 300 W

The Spanish Fork High School “Little Theater” is known to be haunted by a custodian that used to work there.  After the school was first built, and the little theater was finished, the custodian was standing on the catwalk about the stage installing the light bulbs for the spot lighting when he slipped and fell.  Since he was alone at the time, he died soon after falling.  It is said that you should never go alone into that theater, only in groups of five or more.  The Drama teachers still practice this.  If you are in there by yourself, its said that the curtains will rise or fall by themselves, the sound effects will start playing, and the stage lights will begin to flicker on and off.