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Arizona’s Haunted Hotspots

The following is a working list of places that are alleged to be haunted in the state of Arizona.  As the paranormal is experienced differently from person to person, please let us know if you have had any experiences so we can update our page.  For pictures, click names, and for local maps, click addresses.  All authors notes will be in green.


Crater Range map of Ajo

In the 1950s, a couple was married in Ajo and was driving to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon.  When they entered into Crater Range, which was lined with hills and huge rocks on both sides, around midnight, their car crashed into a rock and they were both killed.  It is said that if you drive through Crater Range after midnight you can see their car and the couple off to the side of the road trying to flag down help.


Bisbee is a very small old mining town.  The individual streets are not named on most maps.  There is one place to park in town and the rest of the places can be reached on foot.  This is a map to the city itself. 

Bisbee Inn (Bed and Breakfast) – 45 OK St.

There is a presence in both the “Blue Room” and in Room 13 (now room 23), as well as in several other locations throughout the house.  In the “Grandma Room,” various guests have reported what appeared to be an older woman watching over them during the night.  Although the sightings reportedly made guests nervous, it was thought to be a benevolent spirit offering its presence as protection.  

Clawson House Inn – 116 Clawson Ave.

Three murdered miners are said to haunt this 3-room inn.  In the 1890’s there was a bitter labor dispute at the Queen Mine southwest of town.  Large numbers of striking workers were rounded up by authorities and shipped out of the area, and strikebreakers moved in to claim their jobs.  According to some accounts, 3 scabs staying at the Clawson House were killed by strikers.  Their spirits are said to be trapped in the house where they died, along with the much kinder presence of old Mrs. Clawson herself.

Copper Queen Hotel – 11 Howell Ave.

The hotel is haunted by a dark figureless apparition.  She has been seen wandering the halls of the third floor.

Oliver House Bed and Breakfast – 26 Souls St.

Five ghosts are said to haunt this bed and breakfast inn.  Strange footsteps are heard late at night, and the sound of water running in nonexistent pipes is also reported.  Most of the haunting occurs around room 13.  In 1920, a man named Nat Anderson was shot and killed in the hallway near the room.  The house was built in 1909 by Edith Ann Oliver, wife of the owner of a mining company.  It was used as mine offices and later became a boarding house.  

Casa Grande

Casa Grande National Monument 1100 West Ruins Dr.

The ghost of Indians performing strange ceremonies have been seen here and at other sites in the region.  Casa Grande, or Big House, is probably an ancient monastery and astronomical observatory.  This unique three-story adobe building sits atop a one-story platform, and windows and holes are constructed to observe specific astronomical objects.  The Hohokam Indians lived in this area from 200 B.C. to A.D. 1100 and probably built this structure to train medicine priests from many different tribes.
While driving on the desert roads at the base of Casa Grande Mountain late at night, or walking around, a black mist will appear.  It will follow those walking in the desert.


Chandler High School 350 North Arizona Ave.

Chandler High is one of the oldest schools in the state of Arizona, going back before Arizona became a state.  The oldest building still standing is “Old Main.”  A few of the custodians and teachers who have been at the school for many years or have long since retired, tell of sightings and voices on the second floor of the north wing of Old Main.  In fact, one custodian after experiencing a particularly frightful event, refused to clean that area of the building.

San Marcos Hotel 1 South San Marcos Pl.

Strange calls have been received from extensions that do not exist.  A female apparition has been sighting and the moaning of a male has been heard.


Cochise Stronghold State Park map of Cochise

A man playing a flute appears on the boulders that tower over the campsites.  It is said that Cochise himself walks in the hills, guarding his pilfered gold from the white-man.


Gadsden Hotel 1046 G Ave.

The apparition of a sometimes headless man has been seen floating down hallways and in the basement here.  He is believed to be Pancho Villa.  For some reason the ghost appears most often during lent.  He is usually described as dressed in khaki military-style clothing.  He has also been seen riding up the marble stairs.  The five-story 150-room hotel was built in 1907.  It later burnt down and was rebuilt in 1929.  It was restored in 1988, which is about the time the other ghosts started showing up.  Manager Robin Brekhus and other employees of the hotel, including the restaurant manager and elevator operator, have encountered ghosts.  The ghosts include Gadsden’s ghastly spirit, a prankster Indian boy that plays on the mezzanine, and Sara, the elderly guest, that frequents the fourth floor.


Dragoon Mountains Off I-10 at Dragoon

A ghostly train has been reported chugging across the arid plains here.  Many have heard the steam engine’s distant whistle or seen its dim yellow headlight.  Some have even gotten close enough to make out the figure of a black-sooted engine pulling on the whistle of the locomotive.  The problem is that no railroad tracks have even been laid in the area.  The train has been seen crossing the alkali flats near Dragoon.

El Frida

Vision Quest Lodge – 2491 Jefferson Road

When it was a dude ranch, a stable boy went insane and killed the owners and guests.  It is said that a woman in a white gown haunts the old guest quarters.  The house where the owners were killed has several strange events – a woman walking the halls, and a reoccurring blood stain on the bathroom wall.  The old stable was also the site of a two-year-old child’s death by a horse when it kicked her.  Now a child’s crying is heard and an apparition of a child standing in the doorway is common.  Also, the apparition of a white glowing man on a white glowing horse has been seen in the mountains that border the camp.  


Days Inn 3601 Lockett Rd.

There have been reports of the ghost of a tall man standing next to the bed in one of the rooms.

Monte Vista Hotel 100 North San Francisco St.

Guests here have complained of a phantom bellboy who knocks at their door and then disappears.  The discourteous bellboy is not the only ghost that haunts this picturesque hotel.  The apparition of a woman has been seen in the hall outside the Zane Grey Suite, and the ghost of a man pacing the floor has been reported inside another room.  Sometimes people can hear him clearing his throat or coughing. 

Museum Club – 3404 East Route 66

The voice of a woman, thought to be the wife of a former owner, talks to people after hours.  She asked a musician “are you donr with that beer?”  from the stage.  He turned around to see no one there.  There were only four other people in the bar, and they were all sitting at the bar at least 30 to 40 feet away.

NACOG Headstart Administration Building – 121 East Aspen Ave.

The ghost of a woman has been seen here in the halls.  Also, faucets turn on and off by themselves.  Doors seem to be locked, but cannot be opened, even with the proper key.  Telephones to the front office also ring from the locked offices upstairs, even after they have been unplugged.  Disembodied voices, apparitions, and objects that move from one location to another have also been reported.

Northern Arizona University University Dr.

In North Morton Hall, a girl killed herself in her dorm room many years ago before Christmas break.  It seems she has never left.  Students have noticed lights going on and off, odors, and even sightings of the girl.  Also, she likes to pull blankets off of people that stay on the floor she lived on, and she likes to trap girls in the girl’s bathroom (even thought there is no lock on the door).  

Riordan House State Park 409 Riordan Rd.

The upstairs of a magnificent log mansion at the center of this small park is haunted by the ghosts of Caroline Riordan and her daughter Anna.  Caroline’s ghost is seem dutifully caring for young Anna who died of Polio.  The apparitions of both the mother and her ailing daughter have been seen by employees and visitors.  The house was built by the Riordan brothers, who made a fortune in the lumber industry but suffered from a number of family tragedies. 

USGS Offices 2255 North Gemini Dr.

Building 1 has sounds of hands clapping, doors that open and close spontaneously, and lights that flicker. 


The Arizona State Prison (ASP) 1305 East Butte Ave.

Cellblock 3 – In 1973, Officers Buckley and Morey were killed in this cellblock by inmates during a riot.  Both officers were beaten and stabbed to death.  On a number of occasions when guards would lock all of the doors in the cellblock, they would find doors open between inmate counts.  A number of the officers also noticed cold spots and the sounds of doors opening and closing.  Also, officers have noticed misty forms at the end of the cellblock.  

Death House – The cellblock is located in the same location as the Arizona Death House, which is said to be haunted by the ghosts of condemned prisoners.  Several guards have reported hearing screams and other strange sounds.
The Death House contains a gas chamber and a lethal injection area.


Deer Valley High School – 18424 North 51st Ave.

Auditorium patrons and players have experienced many occurrences of the supernatural.  The auditorium is allegedly haunted by a spirit known as Dewy.  Although who he is and how he died remain unknown, he is famous at DVHS.  He is accompanied by cold spots, equipment malfunctions, voices and crying.  Most people have heard him, but some have even seen him.  He spends most of his time up on the catwalk in the auditorium.  

Pizza Hut – 13105 West Glendale Ave.

Sounds of babies crying and little children  talking can be heard here.  Also, faucets turn on and off by themselves.


Noftsger Hill Bed and Breakfast 425 North St.

This used to be Noftsger Hill Elementary School.  A lanter light can be seen at night, children were hearing voices, and objects, such as books, moved on their own.  After the school was closed, the property was bought and re-opened as a bed and breakfast.  

Grand Canyon 

El Tovar Hotel – closest city is Grand Canyon Village

In the middle of the U-shaped parking lot, in front of the El Tovar Hotel, there is a marked grave hiding in a patch of land next to the stop sign.  The grave is that of a former “Harvey Girl (write a page link for description in document file)” that worked for the Fred Harvey Company.  The ghost of a black-caped figure has been seen walking along the pathway leading up from the steps just to the right of the El Tovar Hotel all along the path passing the grave and disappearing behind the Hopi House.  Although most visitors are unaware, the El Tovar, built in the very early 1900’s, is home to more than a few spirits.  They say that Fred Harvey appears on the third floor during the holidays and invites people to the annual Christmas gathering held in the hotel.  The third floor and kitchen are the most haunted spots at the El Tovar hotel.

Grand Canyon National Park Map of Grand Canyon

Where the Colorado River first meets the Grand Canyon, is where the Hopi Indians emerged from another dimension, entering the Fourth World from the Third World.  It is also their doorways to the next dimension, the Fifth World.  The Hopis, many of whom display psychic abilities, are considered to be the most spiritual tribe by other native Americans.  They are considered to be direct decedents of the Ancient Ones, or Anasazi, and have steadfastly practiced the same religion for thousands of years.
The Tusayan Ruins are a collection of religious and residential structures used by Anasazi in the twelfth century.  The Havisupai Falls at the base of the canyon have been considered sacred since pre-historic times.
The Watchtower Kiva has many reproductions of sacred symbols painted on its walls.
In Maricopa Point, a man in the Civilian Conservation Corps fell over the edge of the canyon while putting railings up in the 1930’s.  Usually at sundown, you can see a black misty figure near the railings, that looks like it is shoveling something and makes large scraping sounds.  

Hopi-Navajo Reservation

Most places within these reservations are considered sacred.  Please obtain information, find out rules, or obtain permission before entering, taking pictures, recording, or sketching.  Some areas also maintain silence.  Please remember that these places may not be considered haunted, but rather contain spirits sacred to the beliefs of a people.  Please be respectful.

Canyon De Chellymap of Chinle

The psychic energy in the red rock of this canyon is said to possess healing power.  It was here that the Ancient Ones, the Anasazi Indians, built their homes under mountain outcroppings at what are now called White House Ruins.  Another Anasazi site is Mummy Cave, where desiccated bodies dating from A.D. 300 were found.  In the 1700s the Navajos, resettling from Canada, came here and sensed the power of the valley.  They painted magical symbols on the canyon walls, such as those seen atStanding Cow Ruin, and in dwellings, such as depicted at Antelope House.  A Navajo ceiling painting in Planetarium Cave guides dreamers to healing places in the stars.  The Navajo considered the valley to be their spiritual stronghold, but white men also wanted the canyon.  the Spanish killed over a hundred Indians here in 1803, and in 1863 Kit Carson killed hundreds more when he forced the Navajo to leave the canyon and resettle in New Mexico.  Their sacred land was returned to the Navajo in 1868.  In Massacre Cave, screams, gun fire and horses running have all been heard.

Coal Canyonmap of Chinle

The gigantic glowing apparition of a woman has been seen floating above an outcropping here.  The Eagle Woman of the Black Mesa most often appears on summer nights and has been seen by hundreds of witnesses.  Scientists say that the image is formed by phosphorescent vapors from the rocks.  Indians claim she comes closer as the night progresses and lure people to jump off the cliff.  Hopi legend says she is a widow from the Bow Clan who lived at an ancient city founded by Hopi ancestors (see Oraibi, below).  Left with no husband and three sons, she is said to have meditated all night at the cliff and then leaped to her death in an attempt to reach the moon.

Monument Valley National Parkmap of Monument Valley

Some people say the silence here is sacred.  Indians believe the site clears the head and stimulates the imagination.  Mystery Valley contains dozens of strange Anasazi petroglyphs, and the Navajo have zealously protected the valley for hundreds of years.

Oraibi Map of Oraibi

This ancient village is considered to be the longest inhabited spot in North America.  It is the site of the hopi snake dance, in which priests hold live rattlesnakes to their mouths and then release them to carry messages to the kachina gods.  Oraibi is sacred to the Hopi, and no photography or drawing is allowed.  There are no telephones in the town, and it is usually closed to white visitors.  

Second Mesamap of Second Mesa

Every inch of the three plateaus that make up the Hopi Reservation is considered sacred, and tourists must exercise great care when visiting the area.  The Second Mesa is where most public activities take place.  The town of Mishongnovi is where the one of the most important Hopi ceremonies, the Snake Dance, takes place.  It is held in August of odd-numbered years.  Corn Rock, a sacred shrine, is also located in the town.  In even-numbered years, the Snake Dance is held at the village of Shungopavi.  The Hopi are considered to by direct descendants of the mysterious Anasazi race.

Speaking Rock

Hopi legend says that the spirit of an old woman lives here.  She is a tattletale ghost who tells the giant spider on Spider Rock who among the tribe is misbehaving.  See Spider Rock, below.
The short rock is Speaking Rock, the tall rock is Spider Rock.

Spider Rock  

Navajo legend says the spirit of a giant spider lives here.  The white color of the peak is attributed to the bones of its victims.  The Hopi and Navajo legends complement each other.  See Speaking Rock, above.
The short rock is Speaking Rock, the tall rock is Spider Rock.


Community Center – map of Jerome

Locals call their community center “Spook Hall,” because of the phantom of a prostitute seen there.  The ghost moves from the front of the building to a few feet away from the Little Daisy Hotel, where she disappears.  The area used to be the site of the “cribs,” small shacks used by prostitutes to entertain their clients.  One of the women, who was accidentally stabbed to death during an argument between to miners, still walks the street.  Jerome was established in 1876, and a billion dollars worth of gold, silver, and copper were mined from the area in 77 years.  there are so many ghosts here that a monthly newspaper called the Jerome Ghost Post was published for a time.  The town still offers such interesting diversions as the Spirit Room Bar and the Haunted Hamburger Restaurant.  

Ghost City Inn –  Jerome Pl.

This building, built in 1890, has served many purposes including that of a funeral home.  A woman’s spirit has shown herself to visitors in the Cleopatra Room.  There have also been several sighting of a male outside Verde View Room.  Around the entire inn, doors slam shut on their own, or voices are heard from empty places. 

Jerome Grand Hotel Jerome Pl.

This hotel was once a hospital and insane asylum.  Among the many different types of occurrences are a woman in white who roams the halls, a nurse with a clipboard in one man’s room, and a child who runs though the bar area looking for his mother late at night.  Lights have also been known to turn on when there was no electricity in the building.  The frightening sounds of moaning and coughing miners, who used to work in the old United Verde Copper Mine, are still heard in the halls here.  An artist painting a picture of the hospital felt a zap of electric energy when he brushed against a ghostly figure floating through a corridor.  The Old Surgeon House, built next door to the haunted hospital, in 1917, is now a hotel.  

Lake Havasu City

London Bridge London Bridge Rd.

When entrepreneur Thomas McCulloch bought the authentic London Bridge from the British Government in 1968, he had no idea that the transfer would stir up ghosts residing in the ancient stones.  At a cost of 7.5 million dollars, the bridge was dismantled from its position over the Thames River and reassembled on the Colorado River in Arizona.  It was re-opened on October 10, 1971.  Not long afterward, the ghost of a woman and a British bobby were seen walking on the bridge late at night.


Jefferson Park 306 South Jefferson Ave.

There is thought to be a woman that walks from tree to tree.  She was raped and murdered at the park on Broadway and Power Road (Jefferson St., 2 blocks west of Power).  Her spirit has not been set free.  She has been seen roaming the park between 11:15 and midnight.  

Williams Air Force Basemap of Williams Air Force Base

During World War Two, the military used the base to train pilots.  The building which is now the VA Hospital, on the far west side of the base, was a hospital.  Many people have reported seeing a male ghost who haunts only what used to be the new baby viewing area and the old operating room area.  People also report voices in what used to be the old Officers Club.  

Montezuma’s Castle 

Montezuma Castle National Monument 2800 Montezuma Castle Hwy.

Spanish explorers called the cliff dwellers who lived here the “Sinagua,” or “People Without Water.”  The peaceful, non-threatening presence of their spirits has been felt by a number of visitors and employees at the site.  The Sinagua were revered Anasazi, or “Ancient Ones,”  who disappeared mysteriously before modern Indians came to the area.  White settlers named the cliff dwelling after the Aztec leader Montezuma.  Ghostly presences have been reported from people walking along Beaver Creek, below the cliff dwelling.  Among the supernatural happening are psychic impressions about at the Métaté and sets of grinding stones blessed by the corn maiden.

Montezuma’s Well – 7 miles north of Montezuma Castle

The 470-foot-diameter limestone sink, known as Montezuma Well, is one of the most extraordinary geological formations in America.  It was formed by the collapse of a huge underground cavern, which left behind a magnificent oasis fed by natural springs at the rate of 1.5 gallons of water per day.  The Yavapai Indians believe that they entered the world thought this crevice in the earth and that every drop of water from the well is holy.  Their spirits are said to return here pleading with modern visitors to keep “the Greedy Ones, the Ones Without Heart” from destroying the Earth Mother.  

Navajo Monument

Navajo National Monument Off of Highway 564

This sacred site contains the ruins of two Anasazi dwellings that date back to A.D. 950.  The incredibly isolated sites remind one of lost Mayan cities.  Betatakin is built beneath a massive cliff overhang at 7300 feet of elevation.  Keet Seel is stuck in an eroded pocket in a red sandstone cliff.  For some reason, when the Indians left this site in 1300, they sealed all of the doors shut.  Strenuous hiking paths lead to both locations, and guides are required.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – 201 Country Club Rd.

This modern brick church, built in 1969, is haunted by the ghosts of Indians.  One recurring spirit wearing an old blanket has been witness rectors and visiting churchmen.  A whole tribe of Indians materialized in the front pews during organ rehearsal one night.  Priests, parishioners, police, and visitors have all witnessed strange phenomena here.  During repairs on church sewer lines an Indian burial ground was discovered.  Cremation urns and bones belonging to a one-thousand-year-old tribe were unearthed.


Oatman Hotel 181 Main St.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the spirits of Clark Gable, and Carol Lombard haunt Room 15 here.  They did spend the first night of their honeymoon at the hotel, and their whispering and laughter are said to haunt the room.  More documented ghostly manifestations have been reported int he second floor Theater Room Museum.  Distinct outlines of sleeping bodies have been found in the dust on the beds there, although the surrounding areas are undisturbed.  The ghost of a former chamber-maid has also been sighted on the premises.  Oatman was born in 1906 as a tent camp and flourished as a gold mining town, with the area producing over 40 million dollars in gold ore.  Today, only about 100 people live there year-round. 


Acadia Ranch – 825 Mount Lemon Rd.

This used to be a hospital for Tuberculosis (TB) patients, several died.  One of the ghosts is a nurse who contracted the disease and died.  She is still trying to take care of people.  There is another ghost that dislikes things hung on the North wall of the main room.  When there is artwork hung on the wall in the evening, in the morning when staff returns it will be on the floor.  

Papago Reservation

Ventana Cave – 30 Tanto Apache Reservation

According to Papago (Apache) Indian legends, this cave is home of the whirlwind Dust Devil and the site of an eternally flowing spring.  Archaeologists excavating the twelve-thousand-year-old site came across a ghostly Silver-King pigeon in the deepest recesses of the cave.  The mysterious bird, now extinct, seemed to watch over their work and stayed with them for several days.
No photography is aloud inside of the cave.


The Patagonia Market/General Store – Naugle Ave. and Highway 82

This, the only store in this small town is haunted.  Something or someone frequently makes noises and moves items in the stockroom of the store.  One late evening, a shelf had moved approximately 30 feet as a witness stepped into the stores other section (which today is a separate business).  The shelf from the front of the store crashed all the way in the back stockroom when no one was present to move it.  On other occasions, dog chew toys would squeak at night.  The identity of the ghost is unknown. 


Old Charter Hospital- map of West Peoria

When what was later the adolescent ward used to be an adult area, a lawyer checked himself into the hospital and hung himself at night with his shoe strings.  He appears in his old room or in the hallway.  Also, very sad negative energy can be felt in his old room; and it would also get very cold.  The hospital is now closed.


5th Ave. between Roosevelt and Fillmore

A nine year old girl was killed tragically on August 6, 1995, by a hit and run driver, who was never located and brought to justice.  It is believed that the little girl made herself known to people for sime time after her death.  Even now, it is still believed that her presence it still felt in many areas of Phoenix.  One such area is where she was killed.  Another area is in the neighborhood of 17th Ave. and Grant.  At the time of her death, a man who was sleeping in the bedroom alone, had a box fall on him, awakening him.  His wife, who was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, had a vision of the little girl smiling at her, and saying how much she loved them both.  Another sighting of this little girl happened near 19th Ave.  and Camelback.  A mother was walking in front of her two daughters.  A little girl unknown to them kept turning to look at them, smiling and waving.  This little girl’s facial features appeared to be exactly the same as the deceased little girl.  Her hair style and her hair color were also the same.  At the time of the girl’s death, when the ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars were at the scent, the gril’s body was placed into the ambulance.  As the ambulance was pulling away, some witnesses claimed to see her face and hands pressed against the back windows.  

51st Ave. at Indian School Rd.

There have been strange sightings of a woman walking in a road and getting hit by a car.  People claim to hear screams near 51st and Indian School Rd.  Some say that she goes in nearby houses and knocks things to the ground.  At night they see her on their couches.  

Hayden High School 35th Ave. and Roosevelt

It is said that a high school graduate from the 1988-1989 class was going to be a cheerleader for the Phoenix Cardinals, but she got caught with marijuana and thought she was going to lose her spot as a cheerleader.  So she got a gun and committed suicide. In the late 1990’s, Hayden’s softball team had a tournament and one of the teams stayed in the Junio High Gym.  They said that at about midnight, they saw a young girl dressed in a cheer uniform doing a routine.  As soon as she was done she disappeared.
There was also a football player that broke is neck and died when he was tackled during a game.  It is said that on some nights, one can see a football player running a ball, fall, and disappear into the football field.   

Orpheum Theatre 25230 Picacho Blvd.

Between 1995 and 1999, many of the staff had experienced odd occurrences.  A janitor, who was cleaning late at night, when the theater was closed for the evening, saw a dark figure float back and forth though the aisle of the balcony.  Another time, while the final movie was playing for the evening, three staff members watched as a roll of paper towels, hanging on the wall in the concession stand, rapidly started to unravel onto the floor.  One employee put his hand out to stop it and it did, until he removed his hand and it started up again.  In the men’s room, employees and patrons reported walking in and sensing that there was something there and they felt a small shock of electricity.  One evening after closing, there was a report of toilets flushing and sinks turned on full blast.  In the projection room at the very top of the balcony, there was a crawl space with a ladder that led to a lower level of the roof above the marquee.  Rumor has it that someone hung themselves in that space, but there is no newspapers that support this.  

San Carlos Hotel 202 North Central Ave.

The white cloud of a woman’s, figure accompanied by ghostly noises, has been reported by witnesses here.  She is Leone Jensen, who on May 7, 1928, ended her life by jumping off the roof of the 7 story hotel.  San Carlos had only been open six weeks when the tragedy occurred.  According to her friends, the 22 year old girl was heartbroken after being jilted by her lover, a bellboy at a nearby hotel.   The noisy ghost of three youg boys have also been reported to run thought the halls of this Italianate showplace.  The unexplainable sounds of children laughing are heard coming from inside some of the rooms.  The hotel was built in the 1920’s on the site of the first elementary school in Phoenix.  One reason the hotel is haunted might be an old water well still operating in the basement.  The well, dug for the school in 1874, tapped into a spring that was considered sacred for hundreds of years.  Indians worshiped the God of Learning on this spot long before the school or hotel was built.


Hassayampa Inn 122 East Gurley St.

The inn is believed to be haunted by a woman and child playing with a ball.  Bouncing ball is often heard.

Head Hotel – 129 North Cortez St.

A woman was killed on the bottom floor and can be heard to this day.  She also turns lights off and on.  Also, a very tall cowboy paces the hallways up and down the stairs shutting doors behind him.  There is a lot of negative sprit energy here.

Hotel Vendome 230 South Cortez St.

Two ghost haunt room 16 at this hotel.  The first it a woman named Abby Byr.  In 1921, the owner Abby Byr was ill with “The Consumption” was deserted by her husband when he went to get medicine and didn’t return.  Refusing to eat or drink after her husband left, Abby died of starvation.  The other  ghost is her cat Noble.  After Abby’s death, Noble was locked in a closet and left to die.  After World War II, there ghosts began appearing at the hotel.  Today, Abby continues to wait for her husband to return while haunting the halls and the rooms at the Vendome.  Those who stay in room 16 have seen her, felt her, and report a wide variety of friendly encounters.

San Carlos

Mount Graham map of San Carlos

This 10,717-foot-high mountain is considered to the Apache Indians.  It is a site of spiritual energy and home to the ga’an, mountain spirits who give their power to the Apache Crown dancers in ceremonies held there.  The energy the dancers receive from the spirits is a source of medicine power, which is said to protect the Apache illness and from their enemies.  The mountain marks a boundary of the San Carlos Apache sacred lands and is also used as a burial ground.  An international telescope observatory has been built on top of the mountain, despite the protests of the Apache leaders.

San Manuel

San Manuel High School – 711 McNab St.

A girl was shot by another student messing with a gun in the 1970’s.  Lockers slamming, showers turning on by themselves, and toilets flushing the the girls locker room have all been attributed to her.  People have also reported seeing a girl walk through the school at night.


Saguaro High School 6250 North 82nd St.

A 16 year old girl was accused of witchcraft, and was found guilty and hung near what is now one of the girl’s bathrooms in the year 1786 by twenty of the town’s people.  It is said that she still haunts that place because it is where she played hide and seek with her three siblings.  People think that they made a mistake in hanging her since she only practiced white magic with her family.  The rest of her family fled in panic after her death and were never heard of again.


Bell Rock – Directions

Modern mystics use this rock as a “toning device” to balance psychic energies.  People who hold on to the rock while meditating are said to be contacted by spirit guides who lead them to higher levels.  Some believe the rock even attracts UFOs.  Psychics say that an ethereal force exists in another dimension above Sedona and focuses spiritual energy down on the region in the form of a psychic vortex.  The Southwest’s most mystical city has numerous New Age centers and bookstores.

Boynton Canyon – Directions

This canyon is sacred to the Yavapai Indians, who believe that the the First Woman was born in a cave here.  Now the Great Mother is old an stooped, but she still resides in the canyon.  Psychics say the area enhances creative energies.

Cathedral Rock – Directions

Another Sedona psychic vortex spot, Cathedral Rock, is one thousand feet high and seems to glow at night.  The red rocks in this area have a high iron content and generate electricity when squeezed under great pressure.  Nearby Airport Mesa is so charged with electricity that peoples’ hair stands on end.  People relaxing or meditating in this area report feeling strange forces and receiving other worldly communications.  Locals say the contrast between the area’s bright red rocks and deep blue skies evokes alchemical images of uniting fire and water in the quest for spiritual perfection.

Chapel of Holy Cross 780 Chapel Rd.

Many people have reported visionary experiences while meditating here.  Some of the visions involve temples and caves from the lost Atlantean civilization.

Oak Creek Oak Creek Canyon

The pristine creek is believed to cleanse people both physically and spiritually.  The waters are highly oxygenated and energized.  

Sierra Vista

Daisy Mae’s Stronghold (Steak House) 332 North Garden Ave.

This restaurant is haunted by a ghost named Charlie.  This place was built in the 1880’s and has been a stage stop, post office, and a brothel.  

Fort Huachuca – Carleton House – 2133 Cushing St.

The ghost of a tall lady in white has been seen many times in Carleton House on this old army post, which was founded in 1877.  The house was built in 1880 and has served as a hospital, morgue, and schoolhouse.  Now it serves as officers’ family quarters.  Brigadier General Roy Strom’s family nicknamed the ghost Charlotte in the 1980’s, and the name has stuck ever since.  They described the apparition as wearing a light colored gown with ruffled edges at the sleeves and hemline.  The ghost is thought to be the spirit of a woman who died in the building when it was used as a hospital in the late 19th century.  Neighbors have seen her moving through the house and standing at the front door.
Also, one downstairs room was the morgue for the hospital.  Things stacked and placed in this room are scattered all over the place shortly afterward.  Things hanging on the walls fall crashing to the floor because the nails holding them are pulled out of the wall.  Doorbells ring persistently for no apparent reason so often that occupants have disconnected them.  One corner of the room that was originally a ward in the original hospital stays markedly colder than other parts of the house.  The room contains a chandelier that does not work at night, but functions properly during the day. 

Fort Huachuca Smith Middle School 67601 Cushing St.

The middle school here is said to be haunted by a girl named Linda Landy, who attended school here in the late 1970’s.  Linda was walking home from softball practice one day and she was hit by a car and killed.  If you look int he tinted windows of the library, sometimes you may be able to see her walking around.


Alien Abduction from “Fire In The Sky” – map of Snowflake

One of the most famous UFO abduction cases took place here on November 5, 1975.  At 6:30 p.m., a group of loggers was driving out of the area when they came across a brightly glowing object hovering in a clearing off the road.  Travis Walton left the truck and approached the UFO.  As he stood underneath the craft a brilliant bolt of light struck him.  The other men panicked and sped away.  When they returned, Travis was missing.  They reported the incident to the county sheriff, who organized a search party.  Travis turned up five days later, dehydrated and hysterical.  He said he had been taken aboard the UFO and examined by hairless, bug-eyed extra-terrestrials.  The alien encounter had been witnessed by six men, all of who passed lie detector tests.  The 1993 movie, “Fire In The Sky” was based on this incident.

The abduction took place on a logging road along the Mogollon Rim in the Apache-Sitgreves National Forest.  Walton reappeared in Heber, Arizona.


Lost Trail Hotel – map of Sonoita

The severed head of a screaming woman was once seen floating high in the corner of a room here.  The glowing head had long dark hair and bright red lipstick, and continued to scream even as it faded from view.  The ghost appeared in 1976 to a couple from Sonoita, but no one has ever been able to explain it. 

Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains5 miles East of Apache Junction

Early Spanish explorers were convinced these mountains were the home of Cibola, the fabled seven cities of gold; the earliest Apache legends speak of the Thunder God, who lived in a cave of gold here.  A fabulous den of gold was mentioned in a 1748 land grant from Ferdinand VI of Spain to Don Miguel Peralta.  Enrico Peralta organized a mining expedition to the site, but Apaches ambushed the party.  Six years later, Apaches offered to take Dr. Abraham Thorne, an Arizonian on friendly terms with the Indians, to a site where he could pick gold up off the floor.  They took him blindfolded to a deep canyon about a mile from a sharp pinnacle of rock.  There he was allowed to take as much gold as he could carry from a tall pile of large nuggets.  When Dr. Thorne attempted to return to the spot with a group of friends, the Indians killed all of them.  In 1871, German adventurers Jacob Waltz and Jacob Weiser teamed up with a Peralta family member in Mexico another expedition to the secret mine.  They returned with sixty thousand dollars in gold.  In 1879, the two Germans returned to the mine and murdered a group of Mexicans they found there.  Apaches later killed Jacob Weiser.  In 1880, Jacob Waltz (the “Dutchman”) wandered out of the mountains to a rancher’s house.  As he lay on his deathbed, the immigrant described the mine as a funnel-shaped pit dug into the side of a mountain.  Between 1878 and 1891, an estimated ten thousand people searched for the gold.  In the meantime, the Indians decided to fill in the mine with rocks and hide its location.  In 1912, prospectors found gold ingots on the spot where Enrico fought Indians backing 1864.  In 1931, Adolph Ruth found an old Peralta family map and headed off to rediscover the mine.  His decapitated body was found three weeks later.  Over seventy-five people have died searching for the treasure.  The Apaches insist it is not their tribe committing the murders, but the spirit of the vengeful Thunder God.  The mine is thought to be in the area of Pinata at a point known as Weavers Needle, at the end of Peralta Road in the Superstition Mountains.  Indeed, some modern ufologists believe there is an underground alien base in these mountains.

Mogollon Rimjust north of the Superstition Mtn. Range

The Monster of Mogollon Rim is blamed for killings and missing persons in this area.  He is said to be the phantom of a man captured by Indians and hanged by his hands as every bit of flesh was skinned off his body.  The phantom creature is over seven feet tall and has no skin.  The Navajo call him “Skinwalker.”


Casey Moore’s Oyster House and Seafood Restaurant850 South Ash

A woman haunts the upstairs banquet room and an unknown man or woman has been seen in the downstairs bar area.  This is a very old building in old town Tempe and used to be a house that was built in the 1930’s or 1940’s.

Marcos de Niza High School6000 South Lakeshore Dr.

When the school first opened, a worker fell through the Auditorium stage and died.  Some people say that after 9:00 p.m. he has been seen apparently trying to finish the job that he started.  Some students have reported hearing a voice that is difficult to understand.  Some have even said they have felt someone touch them.

Trails – 24 West 5th St.

This building used to house the Mountain Bell Phone Company.  Early in the 1900’s, a young woman that worked for the company, committed suicide on the second floor of the building near the bathroom.  The lower level is occupied by a part of the Trails retail store chain, but the second floor has been empty for years.  There have been footsteps reported coming from upstairs, when the second floor was empty.  There have also been reports of the young woman wandering the stairwell, and standing in front of the locked door to the first floor, which has since been boarded over and covered up.  The photo booth that used to be in the Trails store had to be removed due to the machine taking pictures when no one was in the booth.  The developed pictures often showed nothing but a bright white ball of light, whether someone was in the booth or not.  The doors to the offices and bathrooms on the first floor are often heard opening and closing, when no one is near them.  Many employees and customers over the years have reported a strange feeling when in the store, and some have gone as far as to refuse to be left alone in the store after dark.


Aztec House220 East Fremont

This antique shop is the scene of many strange sights and sounds.  The owners believe ghosts are drawn to authentic goods from their own era.  The apparition of a woman in a white gown has been seen on the street in front of the shop.  She is thought to have committed suicide after her child died of yellow fever in 1880.  Her ghost sometimes blocks traffic and has been reported as far as nine miles out of town.

Big Nose Kate’s417 East Allen St.

The ghosts of cowboys still roam this old saloon.  They have been seen standing in the doorway, seated at the bar, and knocking over beer cases in the basement.  Some ghosts here have even posed for photographer James Kidd.  Big Nose Kate, whose real name was Mary Katherine Harmony, was a flamboyant and promiscuous woman who owned the place in the 1880s.  The saloon was called the Grand Hotel until the 1980s, when it became Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.  Doc Holiday lived in room 201 at the hotel.

Bird Cage Theatre517 East Allen St.

This 1881 burlesque hall contains a stage, bar, casino, and dance hall.  Prostitutes enticed prospective clients from fourteen red velvet-draped booths.  Although it closed down after only nine years, the Bird Cage is still a popular place with a bevy of spirits.  Hundreds of witnesses have reported the sounds of invisible people singing and talking in the deserted rooms.  The ghosts of a little boy who died here of yellow fever in 1881 and a former owner who also died in the building are thought to be responsible for a number of poltergeist effects.  The apparition of a man wearing a celluloid visor and carrying a clipboard has been seen walking across the stage.  In fact, encounters with ghosts wearing old-fashioned clothing have been reported by dozens of employees and tourists.  In an article in 1882, The New York Times called this “the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.”  It was the site of sixteen bloody gunfights, and 140 bullet holes riddle the walls and ceiling.  Appropriately, Tombstone’s original Boothill hearse, the Black Mariah, is on display on the premises.

Nellie Cashman’s Restaurant117 South 5th St.

Employees and patrons at this quaint restaurant have reported the presence of spirits dating from the frontier days.  The playful ghosts are blamed for moving objects and making crashing sounds.  Some have reported that the ghost is of Nellie Cashman, the original owner.

OK Corral308 East Allen St.

It is believed that the ghost of the Earp brothers and the ghosts of the Clanton brothers are seen around the Corral and the old western buildings around there.  

Wells Fargo Building210 East Fremont

This old stage stop is said to be haunted by the ghosts of stagecoach drivers and cowboys.  The apparition of a man wearing a black hat and frock coat is sometimes seen crossing the street here.  The figure always vanishes before it reaches the other side of the street.


Bloom Elementary School8310 East Pima St.

Since the principal passed away in the school, there have been numerous odd occurrences; including a brick falling out of a wall in the bathroom, doors unlocking themselves, and some people have even claimed to see the principal in the halls.

Centennial Hall1020 East University Blvd.

Two spirits are known to haunt this theater.  One is a woman wearing a long white dress from an earlier time.  The man is a more recent specter, thought to be a patron who died of a hear attack within the last 50 years.  The woman has been seen frequenting the upper balcony seats in an area that was once a balcony, but is now seal off, as well as the green room.  She is very protective over her space and has been known to push employees down the halls and stairs.  The man seems to be the counter balance and helps anyone who has been injured by the woman.

Davis Bilingual School500 West Saint Mary’s Rd.

A female figure has appeared repeatedly in a classroom here, only at dawn.  Various adults have reported feeling someone touching them on their shoulder.  Doors that were checked to make sure they were locked have opened and closed on their own, and students have reported hearing weird and eerie music.  The most recent reports was when students saw a water faucet turn on slowly then full blast.  Next they saw the actual water faucet handle turn itself off.

Fox Theater17 West Congress St.

A strange man dressed in clothes that are from the 1920’s has been seen around this theater.  He will ask for money to feed his family that is suffering from The Great Depression.

Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center901 South Campbell Ave.

Students report seeing a girl playing with a ball in the female side second floor dormitory.  The 2nd floor, 2nd bathroom has also reports that around midnight, showers will turn on and off by themselves.  Rumors have it that a girl who used to go there slit her wrists and drowned herself in the tub in the 2nd floor, people sometimes have dreams about this particular girl.  On the 1st floor, in the female dormitory, the toilets will sometimes flush by themselves around 5:00 a.m.

Holaway Elementary3500 North Cherry Ave.

Sightings have been reported of Mr. Holaway checking rooms around 11 or 12 at night by a janitor.  It is said that the janitor walking the school corridor, on his way to clean a room, saw a figure of a man trying to unlock a door.  When he called out to the man, there was no answer, so he attempted to walk towards him.  As he reached the door, the man disappeared.

Radisson Hotel181 West Broadway

Believe to be haunted by a woman that was murdered by her boyfriend when he found out she was seeing another man in the hotel.  Witnesses report seeing and hearing a ghost of a girl in the kitchen and around the ballroom area.  She seems to by crying or moaning for help.

Sabino Canyon5900 Sabino Canyon Rd.

There have been reports of a ghost of an angry mountain lion or “wildcat” that will follow people until the main paved road is reached.  It is a very heavy, negative presence, and is often very angry.

Sam Levitz Furniture Store3430 36th St.

A long time ago, a man was up on one of the racks and tragically fell off.  He fell so many feet that he did not survive the fall.  Witnesses have seen the man wearing a black shirt and a black hat.  He behaves as if he is still working.  His appearance usually happens between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.

San Xavier Mission 1950 West San Xavier Rd.

It is said that on the outside of the mission in the artwork on either side of the main doors there is a snake and on the other side a mouse.  The the snake catches the mouse the end of time is near.  Several people in the area have heard whispers of this story come from a shadowy figure of man outside the church.  He has been seen pointing to each sector as the story is told.  Also there has been the sighting of an old Padre wondering throughout the church, usually at dusk or at dawn, the times when candles needed to be lit, or extinguished.  A specter of a nun has been seen leading five children to the chapel from an outside building that was once used as a schoolhouse.  The schoolhouse burnt to the ground killing all inside.  It is believed the nun was trying to get the children to safety.

Tucson High Magnet School 400 North 2nd Ave.

One of the many classrooms in the vocational building has been condemned because of rumors of a student killing himself there.  The student now haunts the room.  Students and teachers have reported hearing loud taps on the door, cold spots, and eerie footsteps when no one is around.

University of Arizona Speedway Blvd. and Park Ave.

Years ago there was a running track where the English Building now stands.  The body of a woman raped and murdered was found in a well at the edge of the track.  The apparition of a woman is often seen through the windows of the locked building late at night, running and panicking; perhaps still trying to escape her attacker.


Tuzigoot National Monument – 2 miles Northwest of Cottonwood

The ancient people who built this mansion-like village could see for miles around.  The spot was taken over by Sinaguan farmers, who considered it sacred.  Tuzigoot was named by the Apaches and means “Crooked Water,” which refers to the meandering Verde River.  Psychics have reported sensing the spirits that guided the original human settlers to this vibrant area.


Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park 206 North 4th Ave.

There are two predominate places within the prison that the spirits are reported to be active: the dark cell and the visitors’ museum.  The dark cell hosts a ghost that likes to pinch.  It is attracted to children and the color red.  There are supposedly two spirits in the visitors’ museum.  The first is a woman who sings quite early in the morning.  The second is a poltergeist who likes to play with the money; he is attracted to dimes.