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Alaska’s Haunted Hotspots

The following is a working list of places that are alleged to be haunted in the state of Alaska.  As the paranormal is experienced differently from person to person, please let us know if you have had any experiences so we can update our page.  For pictures, click names, and for local maps, click addresses.  All authors notes will be in green.


Courtyard by Marriott 4901 Spenard Rd.

Room 201 is haunted by a man who died there and his body was not found for several days.  There is also a ghost named Ken who wanders the parking lot and courtyard, in and around the gazebo.  There is also what appears to be, at times, a cat walking around the hotel.  It is very evident in rooms 103 and 107.

Dimond Center 800 East Dimond Blvd.

When the Dimond Center was first built, it was said that the land was a native burial ground dating back thousands of years.  While digging afor the foundation, workers came across a few graves but, due to the fact that they were so old and small, they continued digging.  Now the ghosts roam the areas and like to appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms and smaller hallways inside the mall.  

Hanshew Middle School 10121 Lake Otis Pkwy.

Some say they have seen a young girl walking around this location.  This young girl is said to have died there during construction of the school.  She only comes out during the early morning and late night hours.  Janitors and a few students say that they have seen the young girl.  They say she looks sad and shouts for help; some say the have seen her crying.

Historic Anchorage Hotel330 E St.

Anchorage’s oldest hotel has several different hauntings.  Several guests have reported seeing a young girl walk the second floor hall.  Also, in rooms 215 and 217, the TV will turn on and off at will and the water in the tubs and sinks will run by itself.  Employees have reported hearing people coming down the stairs when the hotel is empty and a few have seen a man walk past the stairs.

Old Jesse Lee Home For Children 4600 Abbot Rd.

In the 1964 earthquake, dozens of children died here.  People have reported hearing distant giggles or hearing children jumping around since the earthquake. 

West Anchorage High School 1700 Hillcrest Dr.

 It is said that in the basement, auditorium, and the area where the high school links to the middle school, there are “restless creatures” that are only “semi-humanoid.”  They are said to take anger out on teachers and students.  Rumor has it that West Anchorage High and the area around it was once a swampy area, and that the creatures there hate how their land has become so polluted and contaminated.


Badarka Rd. (in the woods) – map of Chugiak

It is said that, deep in the woods, about halfway down the road, there is a place where a five year old girl was killed.  Legend has it that the little girl was helping her father chop wood for the fire place in their small cabin, where her mother and sister were waiting.  The father had put the ax in the tree so the girl could not accidentally fall down on it.  The little girl was said to the a “very helping child” and attempted to pull the ax out of the tree and chop wood herself.  While her father was taking a break, the girl pulled the ax out of the tree and it cam down and hit her in the head.  Teh girl died instantly with blood running down her face.  The father stayed by her side day and night, in the cold bitter winter, and died of hypothermia.  it is said that the little girl can be seen lying dead in her fathers arms while he mourns over her lifeless, cold, and white little body, around 3:30 in the morning. 

Eklutna Village Memorial Park – Eklutna Village Rd.

The Native American Cemetery here is haunted by the ghostly wanderers of the spirit of Eskimo ancestors searching for their belongings.  The Eklutna religion is a blend of Eskimo beliefs and Russian Orthodox teachings, introduced by Russian Settlers in 1741.  It holds that when a person dies, his spirit wanders the earth for 40 days and 40 nights searching for his earthly possessions.  To keep the spirits confined to the cemetery, the Eklutna build colorful, miniature houses on top of the graves.  Each structure is topped with the distinctive cross of the Russian Orthodox Church.  The mini-houses are painted with family colors and contain personal items of the deceased, such as cups, plates, spoons, pipes or even rifles or a camera. 

Denali Park

Denali National Park map of Denali National Park

The word Denali means the “High One” and refers to one of the most sacred sites on the North American continent.  This park is home to the 20,320 foot-tall Mt. McKinley.  Athabascan natives believe the mountain is home to Sa, the sun shaman, master of life itself, and legends of mystery and magic on the mountain go back hundreds of years.  Modern mystics believe the site acts a transmitter of cosmic forces under control of the Great White Brotherhood.
For more information on visiting the park go to www.denalinationalpark.com


Fairbanks Memorial Hospital 1650 Cowles St.

Nurses have seen and experienced “angels” in the back room when a baby was dying in the nursery.  The temperature in the room dropped to 60 degrees and they experienced cold chills.  Also, babies can be heard in rooms where there are none.  

Miles 8-12 of Chena Hot Springs Rd. map of Chena Hot Springs Rd.

The road is haunted by ghostly lights.  Late at night two lights that resemble headlights follow passing cars.  Sometimes the lights will start to fly and form one bright light; other times it will just look like a fast moving car or truck with bright blue, white and orange colored lights.  


Gakona Lodge and Trading Post – located at Mile 2 of Tok Cutoff

This lodge was built in 1900 and additions were made in the 1920’s and 1940’s.  The older buildings are haunted by a poltergeist spirit that likes to open and close doors, lock doors from the inside, jump on beds, play with the stereo, and perform other harmless pranks.  Sometimes tobacco smoke fills the air.  Unexplained voices and footsteps have also been heard.  Most phenomena take place during the evening hours in the lobby and in the 9 upstairs rooms of the lodge.  The ghost has never been identified.  


Ketchikan High School 2610 4th Ave.

In 1946, a student fell from a catwalk to his death in the theater.  He haunts the theater to this day, with crying and other noise.  He is visible from the stage if you look up.  He has been seen by the majority of the students, even after the school was remodeled.  He was nicknamed Boochie.


Cape Krusenstern map of Kotzebue

The rolling dunes of this remote location are considered a sacred site by Native Americans.  It was here that ancient peoples crossed from the Asian continent to North American over the frozen Bering Strait.  The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is to the south, and the Arctic National Park is to the East.


The Eagles Hall 6th Ave. Southeast at Broadway St.

The second floor of this unique building is said to be haunted by several friendly ghosts.  Eagles Club officers have been run out of the building by strange goings-on, and a lot of people sense an odd coldness that moves through the halls.  

Golden North Hotel 3rd Ave. Southeast at Broadway St.

Two ghosts haunt rooms this old hotel.  Employees have named one of them Mary.  They believe she is the spirit of a young lady who died of pneumonia in her room while waiting for her fiancée to return from a gold-prospecting expedition.  She still haunts room 23 where ghostly images of a woman have appeared and guests have complained of choking sensations in the middle of the night.  Room 14 is haunted by a strange “light form” that moves around the room at night.  Nobody knows who or what it represents.

Red Onion Saloon 205 Broadway St.

This saloon was originally built as a whorehouse in 1897 and was moved to its present location in 1914.  The shadowy apparition of a female figure is seen watering nonexistent plants in the upstairs Madame’s Room.  Police summoned to investigate strange footsteps originating in the second-floor hallway could find no earthly explanation.  The roaming scent of strong perfume is detected in the same area, and many locals believe the place is haunted by the presence of a former owner.