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What is CarpeNoctem.tv?

What is the connection between the seemingly disjointed fields of Conspiracy Theories, Serial Killers, Mobsters, Hauntings, and Military Leaders?

Fear is a chemical process that has a fitting and logical place in science of biological evolution. But to study only the science of fear is to miss the fantastic foothold it has on the doorway to the irrational. As living beings, it is only appropriate that we should fear pain and death, which explains our fascination with ghosts and spirits that seem to be able to defy it.

Our deep-rooted fear of one another, however, is a little more difficult to explain rationally. Are we truly, as a species, inherently mistrustful and unkind?

Or have thousands of years of evolutionary coding left us justifiably competitive and aggressive, causing us to war with one another?

Has the survival of the fittest forced us to be so violently hostile that we would murder to make money?

Is it truly the unknown nature of our neighbor, a potential serial killer, that terrifies us? Or it is, rather, the secretly known nature of ourselves?

The honest answer is I don't know.

But, I do know that, ultimately, you cannot escape from fear, because fear is not a delusion.

We are mortal creatures condemned to die, and time is against us.

We should fear. We should embrace it and study its many forms and how it affects society.

That is the purpose of this site.